Full Throttle Presents: 24F and 24M

After a long research and design process, Full Throttle has just released two new models to our already huge offering of dual-purpose batteries. The all new 24F and 24M batteries bring our total to 35 fitments. Full Throttle has always striven to offer true OEM fitments whenever possible, and a lot of design effort was put into ensuring these new units would meet or exceed specifications. Using the same design principles as the rest of Full Throttle family, these batteries are built using 99.994% pure lead, over-the-partition cell connections, brass terminals, and epoxy sealed ABS cases to stand up to the rigors of harsh environments while continuing to provide peak performance day after day.

The 24F

The FT840-24F boasts 840 cold-cranking amps, a full 30% more than the BCI recommendation of 585. The reserve capacity is a more than ample with 163 minutes at 25A. The case incorporates side baffles for durability and heat mitigation. While incorporating hold-downs and cleating that conform to OEM design to ensure the battery stays put.

The 24M

While we were designing the 24F it made sense to offer it in a marine variation. The FT840-24M offers all the power and performance of the 24F, but instead of the standard SAE terminals utilizes our beautiful brass dual-terminal setup combining SAE and threaded stud terminals in a left-hand positive configuration.  The FT840-24M has all the cranking and reserve capacity for peace of mind no matter what the conditions are like.

Distributors can contact Fullriver directly or use our dealer locator to purchase locally.

UTV Takeover Utah 2021 Recap

UTV Takeover Utah has something for everyone. Fast-paced drag races to satisfy your need for speed, vehicles flying at the exhilarating Huckfest jump competition, group rides out in the sand for those looking to explore some new terrain, and finally ending the night with games and performances that are sure to entertain.


The rock-crawling in Sand Hollow is legendary. Not for the faint-of-heart, it takes serious skill to navigate the twists and turns. Storm-weathered ravines and sharp drop-offs present a challenge for all but the most experienced drivers. No matter what happens, there’s always friends nearby to help you out if you get stuck in a pinch.


For those with a need for speed, there was no shortage at Takeover 2021. Full Throttle was honored to host the short course race this year. Drivers raced against each other for two laps while fans watched an intense battle for the quickest time. Rallyfest provided a chance for riders to race with the added obstacle of some light rock-crawling.


The people at UTV takeover are what set this event apart. Like-minded people sharing a weekend together in the desert, making memories that will last a lifetime. With crowds numbering in the thousands, you can get lost in the buzz of excitement that fills the air.

Sand Hollow State Park is great for both the newbie who wants to learn and the experienced driver who’s looking to challenge themselves amongst some of the best in the off-road scene. Come on out next year and see for yourself.

Vandeto's Endless Power with REDARC and Fullriver Battery

Tyson's Personal Project

Just before the pandemic started, Tyson purchased a custom 4x4 conversion van. His plan was to build the interior out for use as a crossover between a weekender and overlander vehicle. The timing was perfect for Tyson to start this project because it kept him busy during the entire lockdown.

The REDARC charger was especially swift and efficient when it gets to operate at full output. Just a couple hours of driving and the batteries were charged.

Tyson Patterson, Fullriver Sales Executive

Naturally, Tyson employed our very own DC Series batteries to power the equipment he planned to install. Not to mention, installed were Full Throttle Series batteries for getting this powerhouse van on the road. When Tyson started planning the auxiliary electrical, a REDARC BCDC charger was a must have. For the power demands of the equipment Tyson wanted to install, Fullriver batteries and REDARC was a match made in heaven. This is what Tyson has to say:

Since I first connected the REDARC BCDC1250D last November, it has worked flawlessly. We recently spent six nights off-grid on Pine Mountain in the Las Padres National Forest. Every day by noon, the REDARC had the four DC105-12’s completely charged; thus, empowering me to fire up the 3000W stereo. With good sunshine, it was evident I could keep my fridge, inverter, stereo, and other accessories running indefinitely while off-grid. The only limiting factor would be food and water. It’s great! On the road with the alternator spinning, the REDARC charger was especially swift and efficient when it gets to operate at full output. Just a couple hours of driving and the batteries were charged. Having both solar and the alternator as charge sources add tremendous flexibility. There’s always a way to get energy back into my battery bank!

The Vandeto Build

Installation Background

  • 1x 200A HO Alternative (internally regulated at 14.7V)
  • 2x 170W Zamp RV solar panels (340W total)
  • 1x REDARC BCDC1250D
  • 4x Fullriver DC105-12 (420AH total)

Electrical Loads

  • 4.2CF DC fridge
  • Fresh air intake fan
  • Diesel heater
  • 3kW inverter
  • 3kW stereo
  • SMB pop top
  • Various lighting
  • Switch Pros 9100
  • Switch Pros RC Force 12

REDARC and Fullriver Battery are a Perfect Pair

Knowing what chargers best pair with our batteries is what sets Fullriver Battery apart of our competition. Battery capacity, voltage, and a precise charge algorithm are a few of the many factors that contribute to the long and efficient life of your batteries. This is why we choose REDARC chargers for many of our builds - including personal builds like Tyson's Vandeto. REDARC also only chooses premium products. This is why REDARC recommends Fullriver Battery to their customers and even use our batteries for custom builds. Don't take our word for it...

Hand on heart. 100% we always recommend the name we can trust... Fullriver Battery!

Mark Bruce - REDARC International Training and Development Manager

Mark Bruce is an integral part of REDARC's North American Customer Support Team. He has been with REDARC for 15+ years and is a qualified automotive electrician. Not to mention, Mark has over 30 years of experience in the trade, wholesale, design, and manufacturing business. It's safe to say Mark is a reputable source when asking why Fullriver Battery is a perfect pairing with REDARC chargers. Here's what Mark had to say:

REDARC has been providing on-board power solutions, such as the REDARC BCDC in-vehicle battery chargers, the Manager30 Battery Management System, and the RedVision Total Vehicle Management System for many years to various customers with RVs, camper-trailers and overlanding vehicles. Many of these builds feature Fullriver Batteries. The unanimous results are: 'More power for longer.' The range of Fullriver AGM batteries, when combined with our award winning range of on-board charging solutions, continues to result in what is most important to REDARC: High Customer Satisfaction. So much so, we continue to promote and even use Fullriver batteries in our own company vehicle builds. For the ultimate combination enabling industry best performance, we trust Fullriver Battery, powered by REDARC.

REDARC 2021 Tacoma featuring Fullriver Full Throttle Series batteries.

An Overland Explorer and Filmmaker: Cameron Hotchkiss

In this interview, we take a deep dive into who is Cameron Hotchkiss (@camhootch). Then, we find out why Fullriver batteries are the perfect fit for his adventurous lifestyle.

You are a cinematographer and have your own business, Momentum Media Company. Can you tell me a little more about how you started creating content for businesses?

My background started off in skiing and mountain biking. That slowly trickled into the motorsports world. It was the perfect organic storm of people who wanted to connect and capture video. And I enjoyed doing those things anyway. I’ve been specializing in the outdoor and automotive world. And that’s what I’ve been doing for about seven years now. It’s been awesome!

Your Instagram content is awe inspiring; the photos that you capture are breathtaking! How did you get your start in photography?

Thank you! I’ve been doing it by myself. I originally went to Washington State University for film and marketing. But ended up dropping out and putting in the time and doing it all myself. I’m a YouTube graduate as I like to say. I started from the ground up and started shaking hands and working with people I wanted to work with.

The mountains, the rivers, the wildlife… It’s incredible! I’m very thankful to call it a job.

Cameron Hotchkiss

You’ve been to some beautiful places. Where is the most amazing place you’ve traveled to? And why?

That’s a tough one... Probably Alaska. I’ve been to Alaska on two different occasions. One was to film an ice climbing film, which was a ton of fun. The most recent trip was for Ultimate Adventure two years ago. We got to be in Alaska for about 20 days. Living in Spokane we don’t have access to mountains like that, being on the road, living out of an off-road vehicle for that amount of time, and being out in nature, is awesome. I’m not doing a great job at explaining the feeling, but the mountains, the rivers, the wildlife… it’s incredible. I’m very thankful to call it a job.

Cameron's van parked on a dirt road in the woods.
Cameron's companions camping in his van and preparing a meal in the woods.
Cameron's van parked in the desert ready for camping.

Having the Fullriver power system on the van makes it so much more comfortable and convenient... I don’t know how I would be able to do what I do without it!

Cameron Hotchkiss

How did Fullriver products make it into your daily lifestyle?

About three to four years ago, I bumped into Ian Blomgren (@the_utv_overlander) from Fullriver at Overland Expo and said I was from Spokane and he perked right up because he’s from Spokane. We were in Arizona, and he said, “What the heck are you doing all the way out here?” and I said the same to him. We just built a relationship from there, as you know Ian is a great dude. I had tons of questions regarding batteries and how to outfit my van. Ian immediately was like “We’ve got the right product for battery power."

You have a sprinter van that you’ve completely renovated to accommodate your camping lifestyle. What are some of the advantages of using Fullriver batteries in your van?

Honestly, having the Fullriver power system on the van makes it so much more comfortable and convenient. With me being a full-time media guy, when I’m done shooting Jeeps or whatever lifestyle like skiing or mountain biking doesn’t matter what it is, I’m able to go back to my vehicle dump footage, charge batteries, charge my fridge…I don’t know how I would be able to do what I do without it! It’s a lifesaver having those batteries on board for sure!

Okay. This question is just for fun. What’s the most daring thing that you’ve done?

In Alaska, filming the ice climbing film. A little backstory on the film, we had this idea of shooting ice climbing at night, so we lit up all the glaciers with different lighting. With that being said, we were leaving at about 7pm every night and hiking out to the glacier and then filming all night 'till about seven in the morning. So, we were tired, being out in the elements for that amount of time, and our sleeping schedule was wonky. We were on night five or six coming off the glacier and I lost my footing and slid down the side of the glacier. And the only thing that stopped me from going into a crevasse was that I had my camera backpack on, and I basically got wedged so I couldn’t go down in it. That was scary, I think overall that was my closest near-death experience. It’s always fun to tell people stories and get into what inspires them. I’m not an ice climber by any means, but got to tell Allan, the ice climbers’ story, and that’s something that he enjoys doing. I just like submersing myself in people’s lives and what they like to do and tell their story. These trips are so diverse - I learn a lot. When I did the Idaho BDR (back-country discovery route) with Ian this last year, I learned a ton. Even with being in motorsports for seven years, I’ve hadn’t shot something where I was living out of an ATV for ten days. It’s fun to figure out ways to be proficient in the back-country and stay safe, but also do my job well.

Cameron, it looks like you’ve done it all! You can be seen off-roading, camping, dirt biking, fishing, mountain climbing, skiing…What’s the next adventure on your list?

I recently picked up a dual sport motorcycle, and I’m hoping to check off some more BDR’s with my Pops - go make some memories with my Old Man. Get out in the woods and try to log some miles and some BDR’s on bikes. And I also have more BDR plans with Ian. There’s lots on the docket. So it should be fun!

Interviewed by: Alexis Moore

A New Battery with Double the Cycle Life - EGL Series

The battery world has developed with only small changes over a span of decades. Lead acid batteries have been around pretty much unchanged since 1859. Lithium batteries have been used commercially since 1991 and would be the latest major breakthrough. While we see small innovations in each of these technologies, we haven’t seen the gap close much between the two battery types… Until now.

The Gap Closes

Fullriver Battery has achieved something that is extremely uncommon in the world of battery manufacturing. We created a new battery technology that increases lead acid performance, life cycles, runtime, and reliability. This better matches the characteristics of lithium batteries. Most importantly, we did it without causing consumers to break the bank to get it. Presenting the Fullriver EGL Series Deep Cycle AGM.

The Fullriver EGL Series is the first lead acid battery that performs like lithium. We used a combination of a new plate design, venting system, new proprietary paste materials, and our military grade construction standards. This allows an EGL battery to maintain a run time within 5% of rated capacity for over 850 cycles. To put into perspective, 850 cycles is more than twice the expected life of most AGM batteries on the market today.

Improved Cycle Life, Improved Warranty

Even the best deep cycle lead acid batteries loses runtime as the battery cycles. Water is lost as the battery vents during charging and paste materials breakdown leading to corrosion. This lowers the available plate surface area able to hold charge. Because of these factors, the acid loses specific gravity as the battery ages. 

The good news is that Fullriver Battery addressed all these issues head on with the EGL Series. In perfect conditions, a premium AGM battery can reach up to 32,000 Ah. A perfectly maintained flooded battery can reach up to 41,000 Ah. The EGL Series can reach up to 93,000 Ah.

300-400 cycles and they're still at 100%.

Peter Miller - General Manager, Coast Cart

The EGL Series is a beast that continues to provide consistent run times throughout its life. This is why Fullriver is the only battery manufacturer to offer a 4-year warranty of any cycling battery on the market. Don't just take our word for it. Watch what Peter Miller from Coast Cart had to say about the EGL series below.

The EGL Series represents the first major leap in lead acid battery technology since the introduction of gel electrolyte in the 1930s and the invention of Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) in 1972. This latest breakthrough is available exclusively through Fullriver Battery.

Featured photo courtesy of Cameron Hotchkiss (@camhootch).