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Make Sure Your Battery Isn’t An Anchor This Spring!

The new year is upon us, so there’s never been a better time to start addressing things you need to be prepared for what’s to come. Spring happens upon us very quickly, and you can beat the rush on essential gear and preparations now.

And this year, with the rampant supply chain and freight issues affecting every aspect of our lives, you will be best served by looking ahead to that one part that gets you moving and keeps you on the water – batteries!

Fullriver AGM has the only application specific lines built to perform for each of the different functions the Marine market demands, and it’s best you familiarize yourself with and secure your products now, rather than wait for every other boater, angler, and weekend warrior off the water looking to get out there first.

For your starting batteries and accessories, we recommend the high CCA, high Reserve Capacity Full Throttle (FT Series) AGM. 

A thin-plate pure-lead monster, the FT Series comes in the widest range of sizes available, and is built for high shock and vibration.  This allows our batteries to provide a clean start and consistent performance no matter if you are running a personal water craft, a jet boat, a twin outboard, a bass boat, a trawler… you get the idea. 

And don’t worry about how many fish finders, coolers, speakers, or radars you run to make your time on the water productive – our industry leading Reserve Capacity will keep them running from sun up to sundown. 

We can even provide power to run a bow thruster, but we recommend you add a separate battery for those little gremlins – they may not be a big machine, but they can cause some major problems if you don’t keep them in mind, so make sure you give them their own power supply so you don’t wind up running out of battery away from the dock, or run into some major damage when you get back.

A lot of us also have need for separate batteries to run trolling motors as we fish that perfect spot nobody else knows about, which is where our Deep Cycle products come in.  The Fullriver DC Series and EGL Series are thick plate pure lead batteries designed for electric vehicles and motors, which is exactly what a trolling motor is. 

Our competitors will try to get you sold on a ‘dual purpose’ battery, which may seem like a great option, except you don’t have ‘dual purpose’ applications – and the last thing you need when you are trying to reel big fish is having your boat float out of your sweet spot and having to light up your outboard to get back, scaring all the fish away in the process.

Photos courtesy of Offroad Power Products, which is based out of Spokane, WA.

Our DC Series and EGL Series lines – which, again, come in the widest range of sizes of any Deep Cycle Battery manufacturer – are made to provide long lasting, consistent power to electric motors, and come with the longest warranties in the industry – 2 year free in the DC Series, and 4 year free in the EGL.

So as you get ready to get back on the water in ’22, make sure you are prepared not just to get out there first, but to stay out there all year with a battery pack that will keep your boat out of the shop* with the right combination of power for your marine needs – Full Throttle, DC Series, and EGL Series AGM from Fullriver Battery.

*We cannot be held responsible for you winding up in the shop due to non-battery issues, like allowing your idiot cousin to drive your boat, or forgetting to untie from the dock before lighting up the engine.  Yeah, we heard about that.

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