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Premium Deep Cycle & Starting Batteries

Supreme Deep Cycle AGM

EGL Series Batteries

Fullriver EGL Series batteries represent the next generation of safe, environmentally sustainable, zero maintenance batteries, with double the life of the traditional golf battery. Purpose-built for electric vehicles facing high demands, the EGL is changing the game.

Recommended Applications

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EGL Series Batteries
Premium Deep Cycle AGM

DC Series Batteries

Fullriver DC Series batteries provide high capacity and long cycle life of a true deep cycle battery with all of the convenience and benefits of maintenance-free. Fullriver DC series sets the standard for AGM in Industrial applications.

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DC Series Batteries
High-Performance AGM

FT Series Batteries

Full Throttle Series AGM batteries provide a combination of power, stability, and resilience to keep you running in the most extreme conditions.

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Full Throttle Series Batteries
General Purpose AGM

FF Series Batteries

Full Force AGM batteries are designed for less demanding applications such as Boating, RVs, Solar and back up power at an attractive price point.

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Full Force Series Batteries
Deep Cycle GEL

DCG Series Batteries

The Fullriver DCG range provides 28 models of superior Gelled Electrolyte batteries for applications better suited to Gel technology.

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DCG Series Batteries
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