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Discover Why a Full Throttle Series AGM is the Right Battery for Your Application

With the wide range of battery options on the market today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and truly know which one is best for your particular application. Fullriver batteries have a stellar reputation as a premium, durable, and ultra-reliable choice and our Full Throttle Series batteries are built to not only meet, but exceed your specific needs, no matter what they may be.

How Do You Measure Performance?

Is it a burst of power, or resiliency and consistency?  Is it a streak that is brilliant but short, or the ability to bounce back from adversity and return to high performance?

If you are sitting on a rocket staring down a quarter mile of asphalt, peak high-capacity power may be enough. But if you are someone who depends on your vehicle being usable day-in and day-out, long term performance and recoverability should be top of mind when it comes to batteries.

A Full Throttle Battery sits on a dirt road as a white Ford Raptor drives in the background.

From Decades of Experience, a Quality Product Emerges

Fullriver’s experience making the highest quality, best performing premium AGM batteries for over 30 years has given us invaluable experience making batteries that are ‘oops’ proof.

That knowledge was used to create the Full Throttle Series AGM, which is a combination of materials and construction that – according to reports from overlanders, dune goons, rock crawlers, and anglers across the nation – allow our batteries to recover from discharge levels that crush our competitors.

And in case you thought that field reports weren’t enough, we also have the lowest warranty rate in the industry (.24%), even though we approve over 95% of the warranties submitted.

Two Full Throttle Batteries installed inside of a Rocky Mountain Jet boat

Mistakes Happen, But We’ve Got Your Back

Now, we don’t suggest you drain your battery every day and leave it discharged for days on end – that is ill-advised and will void your warranty. But for normal, occasional mistakes, we have integrated features that allow us to recover from your mishaps:

  • Pure lead that decreases internal resistance so energy flows cleanly in and out of the battery and is less damaging to the internal paste and fiber glass mat.
  • A calcium alloy that is typically used only in cycling batteries, providing anti-corrosion properties, and decreasing self-discharge.
  • The industry’s highest valve settings that prevent liquid loss during recharge and extending the useful life of the batteries.
  • Over 30 years of making batteries for the toughest applications and environments that man, nature, and the insanity that ensues when the two test each other’s mettle.
Full Throttle side by side riding in the sand dunes.

Set It and Forget It

So, if you had a long day out on the water/trail/sand and went straight into a long night under the stars, don’t sweat it – put your Full Throttle Batteries on charge when you get home, and we’ll get you back out there without a side stop at the battery store.

Unless you don’t have our batteries already. Then hit your local Fullriver/Full Throttle Distributor today, so that you can install a battery as resilient and powerful as you are.

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