Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions we get in regards to our batteries. If you have a question not answered below, please feel free to contact us and someone will be able to help you with your questions and/or concerns.

Where can I buy Fullriver or Full Throttle batteries?
Our batteries are available around the world. If you’re in the US or Canada try our Dealer Locator tool. Filter between stocking dealers of DC SeriesFull Throttle AutomotiveFull Throttle Powersports, and online retailers or brick and mortar locations.

Still need help? Send an email to

Which Full Throttle battery is right for my car or UTV?
We’re glad you asked.  Check out our online Battery Finder. Can’t find your vehicle in our battery finder? Send us an email and we’ll see if we have something that fits your application.
I need help finding the right deep-cycle battery.

No problem! Send us an email at Please include as much information about the application as possible (e.g., existing battery info, golf cart, RV, series type, individual battery voltage, etc.)

I think my battery is eligible for warranty, who do I contact?

As a manufacturer, Fullriver relies on its distribution partners to support customers with potential warranty claims.  In other words, you should be able to return to the original place of purchase for help. If additional help is required, please email

How do I identify the manufacturer date of my Battery?
Easy. The plastic case of all Fullriver batteries is heat-branded with a manufacturing code that begins with the letter “K”. The first two numbers after the K indicate the year, and the subsequent two numbers indicate the week of the year. For example, a battery stamped K2202 would indicate the battery was made on the 2nd week of 2022 (i.e., January of 2022). Note: the manufacturing code on Full Throttle batteries can be found underneath the sticker on the top of the battery.
Wait, I thought you guys were Full Throttle?

We hear this question a lot, a certain level of confusion over who Fullriver is versus Full Throttle.  We are Fullriver Battery, the makers of the Full Throttle line of batteries.  As the manufacturer, we offer Full Throttle (dual-purpose battery), along with our DC Series (deep-cycle battery), and a couple of other lines of batteries that are purpose-built for different applications.

I’m having trouble configuring my batteries and need technical support.

Fullriver has created a detailed manual that covers every aspect of our batteries.  Additional support is available by emailing us at

How do I set up my solar charge controller to work with Fullriver batteries?
The Fullriver Installation Manual has specific sections related to this topic.  For best results, take a minute and read it from cover to cover.  If you still need assistance, email us at
What is the shelf life of my battery?

If you are finding that you need to store your battery, please be sure that it is fully charged, kept in a cool, dry place, and not hooked up to anything. If the temps are not higher than 77°F, your battery should not need to be charged for 6-9 months. If for some reason you need to store it longer than this, then either charge it periodically or hook it up to an appropriate charge tender. If you need help, email us:

General Battery Care & Storage
Taking care of your investment can be really easy once you have the facts. Check our User Manual for everything you need to know about keeping your battery in tip-top shape.
Can my battery be mounted in any position?

All Fullriver batteries can be mounted upright or on any side. The only prohibited mounting position is upside down (terminals pointed toward the ground). If you are connecting more than one battery into a bank, each battery should be mounted in the same orientation.

Are Fullriver Batteries considered hazardous?

No, out of all batteries, Fullriver is among the safest around. In fact, you can ship them with any parcel carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.), via land, sea, or air, without extra costs or prohibitions. There’s no risk of leaking acid or spontaneous combustion. Read more here about how Fullriver Batteries are recognized by the department of transportation and the International Air Transportation Association.

Does Fullriver make lithium batteries?

We do not currently offer any lithium batteries.

Are these one of those "GEL cells"?

While our DCG Series of batteries is a GEL-based electrolyte, the main lines of batteries we produce (DC, EGL, FT, FFD) are all AGM.

I’ve got a sweet golf cart! Can I put a Full Throttle in it?

This simple answer is no. Full Throttle is often referred to as a dual-purpose battery. This means it can start an engine and do a little bit of cycling (running equipment without the engine on). For a pure cycling application like a golf cart, where the batteries are the only source of power, then you’d want to look at our great offerings of dedicated deep-cycle batteries, the EGL& DC Series. Our semi-unofficial motto is, “The right battery for the right application.”

After a ‘sick’ weekend on the dunes, do I need to do anything with my batteries?

Specific to UTV, we highly recommend two things, post-trip. Your vehicle’s stator does a poor job of charging the battery, especially if you’ve got accessories like light bars, whips, audio system, and helmet air running. For best results, after every outing, we recommend plugging the battery into a 3-4 stage, 10-15A, AGM charger. No, not a battery tender, an actual charger. After that, if you’re going to put it back into the vehicle, leave the negative cable detached. All those little devices create parasitic draws and will drain your battery over time if left connected.

How do I determine what algorithm I need for my Delta-Q charger and batteries?
We’re glad you asked! Proper charging of any battery is integral to ensuring optimized service life. Please reference our common algorithm list. Most algorithms can be downloaded directly from Delta-Q’s website here. Still uncertain what algorithm you need? Contact us with your charger’s model & serial number and information regarding the batteries you intend to use.
I have a Delta-Q charger and I want to use it to charge lithium. Can Fullriver help me?

If you purchased the charger from us, or if you buy a new charger from us, then we can likely help you. OEM chargers can present many challenges when tailoring them for lithium batteries, generally, we do not reprogram these for lithium. To program any existing charger, we will need the model and serial number to help you. Send us an email at

How to I program my Delta-Q charger?
The answer will depend on the charger itself. The QuiQ and IC series are the most common chargers in the market, both have different methods of programming. The support page on Delta-Q’s website covers most of the basics for programming the QuiQ and IC series. Still challenged? Please contact us at with your charger model and serial number.
What algorithms are pre-loaded on my Delta-Q charger?

This can depend on many factors, including the manufacturer of the equipment the charger came in, the age of the charger, and previous history of programming/changes that have been made. Delta-Q has published many of the common algorithm sets by equipment manufacturers here.  Still having trouble? Contact us with your charger’s model & serial number.