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Gravity Defying Rock Crawling with Full Throttle Battery

Adventure for Everyone

Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, Utah is a picturesque landscape with pockets of adventure for every type of thrill seeker. This “Mini Moab,” as commonly coined by many, has rolling sand dunes for side-by-sides, a reservoir for wake boarders, and countless rock obstacles for those wanting to get technical with their 4×4. That’s only naming a few of the many activities in this vast park. Full Throttle Battery proudly participated in a rock crawling event called the Winter 4×4 Jamboree.

Off the Beaten Path – Rock Crawling

When you own a machine specifically designed for tackling the nastiest terrain, you’d want to put it through it’s paces. This is why hundreds of Jeeps, Broncos, and custom 4×4 builds congregate every year at the Winter 4×4 Jamboree. With over 30 rock crawling routes to choose from, each morning is chalk full with new, challenging terrain. There’s routes for beginners who desire a taste of the rocky ride. There’s routes for seasoned veterans who have an itch to scale near vertical rock faces. No matter your skill level, there’s a route for you. And boy, did we have fun while on our route!

While the established event routes are great for those who need veterans to guide and spot you, thrill seekers always have the option to go further off the beaten path. Grab a group of friends and create your own rock crawling adventure. Just make sure you have friends who know their way around the local terrain. So that’s what we did on our second day.

Starting Our Own 4×4 Adventure

We tagged along with our fellow vendors for one of the best experiences we’ve had at Sand Hollow. We started with cutting through the red dunes that UTVs play in. Then, found ourselves facing a intimidating obstacle called “The Chute.”

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This near vertical rock crawl is a challenge in of itself. Now, try pairing The Chute with a Jeep that has a manual transmission and is without lockers. This what our very own David Schumacher (@offroad_battery_guy) experienced. Without the advantages a newer Jeep has, the only viable game plan for David was to brute force the obstacle. After a several attempts, David finessed past the sticking point and sustained his momentum all the way to the top. This was easily the most satisfying win that David achieved during the event considering all the challenges David needed to overcome. This is a testament to a driver knowing his vehicle, but also having the right equipment onboard like a Full Throttle battery.

A Match Made in Heaven

Having enough CCAs is a non-issue… Until it’s not. Full Throttle batteries have more CCAs for starting your 4×4 and higher cycling capacity for sustaining lights and equipment. This is why people in the off-road world prefer a Full Throttle battery – so they can set it and forget it. A great scenario for needing high CCA is a manual transmission Jeep on a rock crawl course.

While modern day 4x4s have automatic transmission and lockers, David’s Jeep doesn’t. For many people like David, engine stalls are inevitable for the trial and error, that is, rock crawling. Every stall means having to cycle the battery for another restart. Because of a naturally higher CCA and capacity, Full Throttle batteries can recover from multiple stalls and still have the power to get you through the rest of rock crawl course.

It’s also worth mentioning that our batteries are sealed and maintenance-free AGM. Full Throttle batteries can take a beating from heavy vibrations and will still function flawlessly when your 4×4 is put at a near vertical angle from rock crawl lines. This is why Full Throttle Battery and off-road is a match made in heaven.

That said, our time in Sand Hollow State Park was one worth remembering. We left the Winter 4×4 Jamboree event wanting more. We plan on attending next year. So be sure come find us either at vendor row or, most likely, carving through a rock crawl course.

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