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Vandeto’s Endless Power with REDARC and Fullriver Battery

Tyson’s Personal Project

Just before the pandemic started, Tyson purchased a custom 4×4 conversion van. His plan was to build the interior out for use as a crossover between a weekender and overlander vehicle. The timing was perfect for Tyson to start this project because it kept him busy during the entire lockdown.

The REDARC charger was especially swift and efficient when it gets to operate at full output. Just a couple hours of driving and the batteries were charged.

Tyson Patterson, Fullriver Sales Executive

Naturally, Tyson employed our very own DC Series batteries to power the equipment he planned to install. Not to mention, installed were Full Throttle Series batteries for getting this powerhouse van on the road. When Tyson started planning the auxiliary electrical, a REDARC BCDC charger was a must have. For the power demands of the equipment Tyson wanted to install, Fullriver batteries and REDARC was a match made in heaven. This is what Tyson has to say:

Since I first connected the REDARC BCDC1250D last November, it has worked flawlessly. We recently spent six nights off-grid on Pine Mountain in the Las Padres National Forest. Every day by noon, the REDARC had the four DC105-12’s completely charged; thus, empowering me to fire up the 3000W stereo. With good sunshine, it was evident I could keep my fridge, inverter, stereo, and other accessories running indefinitely while off-grid. The only limiting factor would be food and water. It’s great! On the road with the alternator spinning, the REDARC charger was especially swift and efficient when it gets to operate at full output. Just a couple hours of driving and the batteries were charged. Having both solar and the alternator as charge sources add tremendous flexibility. There’s always a way to get energy back into my battery bank!

The Vandeto Build

Installation Background

  • 1x 200A HO Alternative (internally regulated at 14.7V)
  • 2x 170W Zamp RV solar panels (340W total)
  • 1x REDARC BCDC1250D
  • 4x Fullriver DC105-12 (420AH total)

Electrical Loads

  • 4.2CF DC fridge
  • Fresh air intake fan
  • Diesel heater
  • 3kW inverter
  • 3kW stereo
  • SMB pop top
  • Various lighting
  • Switch Pros 9100
  • Switch Pros RC Force 12

REDARC and Fullriver Battery are a Perfect Pair

Knowing what chargers best pair with our batteries is what sets Fullriver Battery apart of our competition. Battery capacity, voltage, and a precise charge algorithm are a few of the many factors that contribute to the long and efficient life of your batteries. This is why we choose REDARC chargers for many of our builds – including personal builds like Tyson’s Vandeto. REDARC also only chooses premium products. This is why REDARC recommends Fullriver Battery to their customers and even use our batteries for custom builds. Don’t take our word for it…

Hand on heart. 100% we always recommend the name we can trust… Fullriver Battery!

Mark Bruce – REDARC International Training and Development Manager

Mark Bruce is an integral part of REDARC’s North American Customer Support Team. He has been with REDARC for 15+ years and is a qualified automotive electrician. Not to mention, Mark has over 30 years of experience in the trade, wholesale, design, and manufacturing business. It’s safe to say Mark is a reputable source when asking why Fullriver Battery is a perfect pairing with REDARC chargers. Here’s what Mark had to say:

REDARC has been providing on-board power solutions, such as the REDARC BCDC in-vehicle battery chargers, the Manager30 Battery Management System, and the RedVision Total Vehicle Management System for many years to various customers with RVs, camper-trailers and overlanding vehicles. Many of these builds feature Fullriver Batteries. The unanimous results are: ‘More power for longer.’ The range of Fullriver AGM batteries, when combined with our award winning range of on-board charging solutions, continues to result in what is most important to REDARC: High Customer Satisfaction. So much so, we continue to promote and even use Fullriver batteries in our own company vehicle builds. For the ultimate combination enabling industry best performance, we trust Fullriver Battery, powered by REDARC.

REDARC 2021 Tacoma featuring Fullriver Full Throttle Series batteries.
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