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Top 3 Reasons AGM Batteries Excel: Tolerant, Resilient, Versatile

In today’s short article we’re going to look at the top 3 reasons why AGM battery technology, and more specifically Fullriver AGM batteries, excel. But the reader may be asking, “Are there only three reasons?” Well, this list could easily be one hundred reasons why AGM batteries excel, it could literally be 1,000 reasons. AGM batteries have so much to offer, but sometimes the most important things aren’t always obvious. So, let’s get after it and have a look.

As Elvis famously said, there’s “A whole lotta shakin’ going on!” And, whether you realize it or not, it could be causing a shorter life for your batteries. Material handling, RV, AWP, UTV, golf, floor care, trucking, heavy equipment, all these applications involve movement over less than smooth surfaces. Flooded batteries have plates that are unsupported sort of dangling internally, while other battery types may have sensitive electronic components. From a design POV, these formats are much less tolerant of vibration. And, in the end internal components break. Thankfully, the entire line of Fullriver AGM batteries account for these downsides in multiple ways. Beginning with cast grids, thick plates, cells packed under compression, and cell connections that allow the cell group to float without compromise. This isn’t just marketing, our batteries are tested and certified to comply with the needs of vibration rich environments, (I.E., most of the real world).

“Oh shoot!” That feeling when you turn the key and the car won’t start, or step aboard your trailer and discover the lights won’t turn on. While we wouldn’t recommend intentionally abusing batteries, sometimes it happens. If you’ve worked around batteries long enough, you’ve been there. We frequently hear from customers who have inadvertently overcharged, undercharged, short-circuited, left a light on, etc. and yet were able to recover their battery investment. Much of our resilience is due to the quality of materials used to build our batteries, and the very special blend that is used to make our plate paste. Newer technologies like lithium can rarely handle these catastrophic scenarios due to their built-in fail-safes simply shutting the battery down, often for good. Flooded batteries, too can give up the ghost after a catastrophic event. Our friends at Merlin Power put our batteries through their paces with some very intentional abuse testing. Check out their video here and see for yourself, but don’t try this at home.

Versatile: able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. The literal definition of great AGM batteries like Fullriver/Full Throttle is their versatility, and adaptability to different functions or activities. Need a battery that can start a twin-diesel engine and run the all of the house amenities? That’s AGM. The same battery that can keep up with the motor controller of your golf cart, can also run your fish finder, or power your off-grid home. And versatility is part of the reason AGM batteries are available almost everywhere when you need them.

Tolerant, resilient, and versatile, qualities that are rare these days, but always sought after. These are the marks of a true AGM battery. Tolerant of vibration, resilient in the face of abuse, and true versatility that allows for use in pretty much any application. These are the reasons that Fullriver AGM batteries excel!

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2 comments on “Top 3 Reasons AGM Batteries Excel: Tolerant, Resilient, Versatile”

  1. Can AGM batteries utilize the same battery charger as flooded batteries?

  2. Richard,

    Great question. Typically, no. A charger that is designated for flooded batteries only should not be used. The good news is, most chargers today come with AGM algorithms on them from the factory.

    Let us know if you need more guidance.


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