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UTV Takeover Utah 2021 Recap

UTV Takeover Utah has something for everyone. Fast-paced drag races to satisfy your need for speed, vehicles flying at the exhilarating Huckfest jump competition, group rides out in the sand for those looking to explore some new terrain, and finally ending the night with games and performances that are sure to entertain.


The rock-crawling in Sand Hollow is legendary. Not for the faint-of-heart, it takes serious skill to navigate the twists and turns. Storm-weathered ravines and sharp drop-offs present a challenge for all but the most experienced drivers. No matter what happens, there’s always friends nearby to help you out if you get stuck in a pinch.


For those with a need for speed, there was no shortage at Takeover 2021. Full Throttle was honored to host the short course race this year. Drivers raced against each other for two laps while fans watched an intense battle for the quickest time. Rallyfest provided a chance for riders to race with the added obstacle of some light rock-crawling.


The people at UTV takeover are what set this event apart. Like-minded people sharing a weekend together in the desert, making memories that will last a lifetime. With crowds numbering in the thousands, you can get lost in the buzz of excitement that fills the air.

Sand Hollow State Park is great for both the newbie who wants to learn and the experienced driver who’s looking to challenge themselves amongst some of the best in the off-road scene. Come on out next year and see for yourself.

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