UPS & Standby Power Batteries

Uninterrupted Power Supply is crucial to your operations. Making sure that the battery you use enhances your ability to withstand fluctuations and outages is crucial as well. Fullriver DC Series AGM can enhance your system in ways few other battery manufacturers can match.

Our batteries are constructed for use in enclosed spaces where gas discharge is a hazard and must be avoided. Because of the environments where Fullriver DC Series AGM batteries are used, we ‘ve produced batteries with higher valve release settings to avoid creating any danger to our customers. And we use more lead in creating stronger connections between cells, heavier plates to increase our reserve capacity, and have formulated our batteries to maximize life cycles.

By taking these steps, the engineers and factory for Fullriver DC Series batteries have matched the highest standard for Deep Cycle VRLA batteries on the market and proven that in a UPS application, we can provide long lasting, consistent power to keep your vital systems running.

Fullriver DC Series AGM – Consistent Power To Keep You Operational


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