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Going Full Throttle for UTV Takeover

Rock crawling, over-landing, snow wheeling, and the massive surge in Utility Task Vehicle sales is driven by an influx of new participants in off-road over the last decade. This increase in the enthusiast base has fueled demand for events and activities that bring in drivers, their families, and promising multi-generational growth opportunities.

The UTV Takeover series of events has been a key driver of and supplier to that enthusiast market, and is organically creating more demand through social media. Preparing for an event like UTV Takeover is no simple task, as we aren’t just a vendor – we are educators and demonstrators as well.

Our team of enthusiasts is dedicated to showing the industry just how much impact the proper components can make in the performance of their rig, and their enjoyment of all the off-road experience has to offer.

Full Throttle showed up ready to educate the amassed crowd on the critical combination of an electrical system and battery pack that work together to provide reliable power, and then let our machines do the talking as we ripped it up on the sand.

The Full Throttle Battery Polaris RZR Pro XP:

With 70,000+ forward facing lumens courtesy of Baja Designs, a Rugged Radio 50 Watt radio/intercom combo, an SSV Sound System and all important GPS, the 650 Watt stator that comes standard on this machine would have been completely overmatched in the field, and no enthusiast wants to drop accessories to stay within stator range.

So, we use of two FT410’s – which fit perfectly within the stock hardware, no fitment modifications necessary – giving our RZR enough amperage to start a semi, and 58 Amp hours of reserve to ensure we have the power to explore hundreds of miles in the mountains at a time. 

And even though we outfit this rig for overland, it’s perfectly comfortable among the windswept dunes, and we’ve got the video to prove it.

The Full Throttle Battery Can-Am Maverick X3 RC:

This machine has been a fixture at UTV Takeover for 4 years. The engine puts out 300 horsepower to all four tires, and was built to perform at this series of events. It has also taken on the mountains, the rocks, and the desert, but its true home is on the sand.

Equipped with a 50 Watt Rugged Radio, Magellan GPS, 45,000 forward facing lumens, winch, and a Buggy Whip Task Light, the electrical demand is simply too much for the severely underpowered 500 Watt stator that comes stock.

Using a combination of our FT438-U1R and FT410, provides 63 Amp hours and starting capability that would satisfy a full size diesel truck.

That covers the electrical consumption, but what about resilience to abuse? A famous desert racer once said, “Nothing survives off-road”. After five days on the Oregon Dunes in ever-changing weather and dune conditions, we could not agree more.  

You see, to your battery the off-road experience is like being a can of paint agitated at Home Depot – constant vibration, with the added shock of high-speed aerials and wicked tight turns, and the occasional rollover. 

If you’ve ever been stranded out in the sand dunes, the desert, or the mountains because your battery can’t take a beating, is a mistake you’ll only make once.

Boasting over the partition welds, thin plate-pure lead technology, brass terminals, and an industry leading level of battery cell material compression; Full Throttle has not only positioned itself as the most powerful and reliable battery for the most abusive applications, but we also lead the industry in available group sizes for all of your toys and vehicles.

Start your next adventure with a Full Throttle Battery.

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