Fully Charged: Delta Q and Fullriver Battery Announce Joint Promotion

Charged by Delta-Q

Fully Charged: Delta Q and Fullriver Battery Announce joint Promotion

In 2011, engineers from Fullriver Battery and Delta Q Technologies began working closely together to develop a unique charge algorithm tailored to the profile of Fullriver’s DC Series batteries.  The project proved to be successful in the lab setting, but real-world use rendered the ultimate verdict.  Today, after perhaps tens of thousands of batteries and chargers, Delta Q’s unique algorithms are among the most trusted for Fullriver. 

When Delta Q proposed a joint promotion with Fullriver, given their history, it seemed like the most natural thing to do.  Discussions progressed with Delta Q and Fullriver was convinced the promotion had real merit for company and customer alike.  Fullriver’s Director of Sales, Tyson Patterson commented, “We’ve had so much success in so many applications using Delta Q, our batteries with their chargers, it’s difficult to imagine the path without them.” 

Fullriver is announcing today, after working with Delta Q for many years, that it is proud to participate in the Charged by Delta Q product promotion.  Charged by Delta Q will highlight some of Fullriver’s favorite product pairings with Delta Q chargers and Fullriver Batteries.  Customers can have the confidence of select products that are fully endorsed by both manufacturers—a confidence that was well earned with time and experience.

From the lab to the streets with years of cooperative success, these two companies are proud to shine a spotlight on their collaborative efforts.  While no one knows what the future holds, the ground is definitely laid for another strong decade. 

Tyson Patterson, Fullriver Battery
Director of Sales

Aaron Plew, Fullriver Battery
Director of Product Management


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