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Full Throttle Battery is Headed Back to SEMA, Here’s Why We Love It!

The Specialty Equipment Market Association, or SEMA as you may know it, dates to 1963. Back then, it was known as the Speed Equipment Manufacturers Association. It was a contingent of go-fast manufacturers that supplied high performance equipment to the racing and hot rod community. Since the show’s iteration, it has grown to reflect not only current and past trends within the automotive industry but features everything relevant to the overall vehicle landscape. If you want to see multi-purpose bug out vehicles, Formula One race cars, vintage hot rods, supercars, trophy trucks, motorcycles, manufacturers, warehouse distributors, media developers, racing teams, car clubs, they will all converge in Las Vegas for the annual event. 

A purple car with the words team full throttle on it.

Gearheads, enthusiasts, businesspeople, and media outlets the world over make the annual pilgrimage to attend what is often labeled the world’s biggest car show. 

For the manufacturers and builders featuring at the annual event, it is often a month’s long, painstaking preparation process to make ready for the event which has been known to host more than 150,000 attendees, 3,000 new products, over 1,500 vehicles, 2,400 exhibitors, and more than 3,000 members of the media. 

Four men standing next to a purple beetle at a show.

Since 2017, Full Throttle Battery has exhibited at the annual expo. For us, and the other companies in attendance, it is a unique opportunity to connect manufacturers with buyers, and the month-long preparation process is completely warranted because, as we have learned, you never know who is going to stop by the booth. 

Since 2003, the show has been sectionalized into specific market buckets. We are not the only battery manufacturer in attendance, but we are the only battery manufacturer in the off-road wing.

*Editor’s note – Full Throttle Battery is not just an off-road battery. With more direct fit options than any other thin plate, pure lead battery manufacturer in the world, we are not relegated to one specific market channel. If it has wheels, we make a battery for it.

An off-road vehicle is on display at a show.

As the summer months come into swing, our booth needs to have graphics created and the structure laid out according to our space. The booth is pulled from storage, cleaned, repaired, staged, and then a vehicle selected to be featured in the booth. The vehicle needs to be prepped, wrapped, photographed, measured, and that information is then sent to the event for approval. Then it is shipped to the event, detailed, and a final approval must be done prior to it being allowed into the event space. Sound daunting? Those are just two of many steps.  

With less than a week remaining for our biggest event undertaking of the year, the team is in high gear, and there is a positive energy within the company. That positivity reflects the work that leads up to the event coming together and being deployed. No last-minute stuff for this team. We are ready, and we cannot wait. 

Two men standing in front of a car in a showroom holding a Full Throttle Battery.

If you happen to be in attendance, Full Throttle Battery will be in the West Hall, Booth #59027. Our booth staff has over 140 combined years of battery knowledge and are ready to answer all of your questions. Our team wants to hear about your builds, your business, your stories, your challenges, and how we can fit in to support you. Whatever the endeavor may be, we offer the best thin plate, pure lead AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery in the world and our business is stored electrical energy solutions. We cannot wait to see everyone out there. SEMA is always an adventure for all in attendance, and we are looking forward to being a part of yours. Join us on Thursday, November 2nd, from 1:15 PM to 2:15 PM at the Full Throttle booth for an exclusive meet-and-greet and signing event with our special guests, Dave and Kevin from Kindig-It Designs. Come by and say hello!

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