DCG Series

Deep Cycle GEL Batteries

Marine Applications RV Applications Material Handling Applications Commercial Trucking Applications Renewable Energy Applications Golf Carts & EV Applications

Features & Benefits

Long Lifespan – Fullriver DCG Gel batteries typically last longer than their wet cell counterparts due to 99.994% pure virgin lead, thick plates, and no maintenance needed. The DCG Series offers approx. 1300 cycles @ 50% DOD.

Built Stronger – Fullriver DCG is built with thick pure lead plates and Over-The-Partition welds which greatly increase resistance to vibration and shock.

Advanced Gel Electrolyte – Fullriver’s proprietary thixotropic gel formula prevents stratification and increases cycle life! Gel batteries also offer exceptional performance for slow-discharge applications and extreme temperature environments.

Flexible Installation – Gel batteries can be installed in any orientation, except upside-down, which allows you to fit them in places traditional wet cell batteries can’t. Gel batteries are recombinant and do not off-gas like traditional wet cell batteries which means you can mount them within the cabin as well as no more cleaning corrosion from the terminals.

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